Our pipe cladding is designed to be installed with minimal fuss

The individual components interlock together easily without any riveting or screws- reducing installation times. The result is an immaculate finish and easily accessible pipework for all maintenance issues.

100% recyclable.

The patented APA2013206315 cladding system is ideal for large or small scale projects. The minimum total diameter requirement is 75 mm and the maximum standard pipe size is 300mm.

Installing your cladding pipe system

When installing your cladding pipe system, accurate drawings and pipe size measurements should be supplied— including all sizes and the total circumference. R rated insulation should be used when fabricating material over our usual standard sizes. This information can be found on our website- please check before making an order.

ClickClad cladding pipe system features:

  • 3 great finishes- aluminium cladding, 304-316 stainless steel cladding and colour bond cladding
  • No riveting
  • No screws
  • Simple interlocking system for all pipe cladding material
  • 90-45 degree elbows
  • Tees
  • Flange & cladding valve covers
  • Pipe cladding elbows
  • Cladding flange covers
  • End caps
  • All metal pipe cladding fabricated to size